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I'm a programmer, consultant, developer, occasional teacher and speaker. Among my least disliked programming languages are Python, and a majority of these posts are related to Python in one way or another.
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BitSynchHub now supports git, gitapi released, new hgapi version

Since I got several requests for BitSyncHub to support BitBucket Git repository synching to GitHub, I went ahead and added the functionality. The service will dedtect the appropriate repository type, and push specified branches - although the source branch will be ignored for now, so a branch speficiation of 'foo:bar' will simply push 'bar'.

To make this happen, I finally had to bring gitapi a bit closer to completion, so I released the first version to PyPi for general consumption as well.

To top it all off, Jan Williems of elevenbits has added push/pull functionality and done a general cleanup of the hgapi codebase, so version 1.7.1 just went up to PyPi. This release is all Jan's, I've done no work at all except for uploading his work.

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