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I'm a programmer, consultant, developer, occasional teacher and speaker. Among my least disliked programming languages are Python, and a majority of these posts are related to Python in one way or another.
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See you in Florence this summer?

I'll be in Florence for EuroPython 2013 and do (more or less) a follow-up to the training session I held last year - a very hands-on venture into Python lanugage and standard library features that will allow you to implement your bad ideas in awesome hacks and good ideas with beautiful magic. This is how fun we had last year!


Ok, so they're all looking at their screens, but that's kind of the point with a training session in my opinion, hands on keyboards as much as possible.

In other news, I have created a gist with a cleaned up version of my fetch/unpack/csvparse code incorporating some of the suggestions I got here and on Reddit.

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