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I'm a programmer, consultant, developer, occasional teacher and speaker. Among my least disliked programming languages are Python, and a majority of these posts are related to Python in one way or another.
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You should send a presentation proposal to PyCon

Next year, in March, I will be at PyCon. It will be the third time I attend PyCon - ever since I attended my first, not going has not really been an option.

There are lots of good things about PyCon - meeting interesting people, seeing San Francisco, beating off recruiters with a stick, hanging out in the hotel bar and chill in the evenings - but the best part is that the talks are so many, and so good. Now, the only way there'll be lots of good talks next year is if there are a lot of good proposals to choose from!

You might think it scary to propose a talk to such a large conference, but I can promise you that the Program Committee are really nice people and that unless you're a professional speaker, the feedback you get is bound to make your next proposal - and your next talk - better.

Besides, if you're employed - what better argument to make your boss send you to California than that you are going to present a talk at _the_ conference for Python?

So check the example proposal. Read the call for papers. And send your proposal before the 28th September, so we can get another awesome PyCon next year.

I've done my part, have you done yours?

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